There’s More to the National Surge of Obesity and Healthcare Costs Than You Think


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Obesity and healthCare costs Linked to toxic chemicals

So you want to lose weight.  Or you’re concerned about the effects of the ever growing crisis of obesity and the rising healthcare costs that each one of us face as a result.  Whether we like it or not, we are beginning to understand that other people’s health affects each one of us now like never before. 

The Obesity epidemic is “astronomical,” according to WebMD. Can you even get your mind around that? What does that look like? And with obesity associated with heart disease, cancer and diabetes, healthcare costs are predicted to continue to surge.  Not just go up, but SURGE, according to WebMD.

Obesity itself accounts for 21% of annual medical spending.  Obesity: Overview of an Epidemic at NCBI confirms that “[obesity] is linked to the most prevalent and costly medical problems seen in our country, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, many forms of cancer, and cognitive dysfunction.” And it affects every level of society.

Can you and I do anything about that? Yes.

If you hope for any sort of longevity you’ve got to address unhealthy weight gain and obesity and prevent it from sneaking up on you.  The solution isn’t a diet or even exercise.  The solution is a lifestyle committed to whole-health. (Find a health coach trained in functional medicine if you want help with this.)  One aspect of whole-health is cleaning out your home medicine and cleaning cabinets – getting rid of products that contain chemicals that cause us to gain weight (this is but just one side effect of these products).

“We need to understand better how to change behavior, but to do this we have to appreciate our biology and the environment in which we live,” says the authors of Obesity: Overview of an Epidemic.  That environment is toxic. The environment we have the most control over is what is in our homes and what we put in and on our bodies.

Chin Multipliers lurk in your Bathroom

Every time I read Wendy Myers’ article “Cosmetics Put Junk in Your Trunk,” I laugh out loud.  Wendy, who is a detoxification specialist, says that while there are 25,000 chemicals used in cosmetics, the 5 most common ones definitely “put junk in your trunk”, calling them “butt chunkers,” “chin multipliers,” and “pant busters,” keeping serious talk about a serious issue easy to discuss. 

The top 5 are: Phthalates, Parabens, 1,4-Dioxane, Chemical Sunscreens, Formaldehyde

They are found in laundry detergent, all kinds of soap, cosmetics, lotions, hair products, air fresheners, shampoo and household cleaners. They are likely in every product you use in your home and on your body.

Chris Kresser,  a globally recognized leader in the fields of functional and integrative medicine, cites that environmental toxins, like the kind found in personal care and cleaning products,  interfere with glucose and cholesterol metabolism  and induce insulin resistance; disrupt mitochondrial function; cause  oxidative stress ; promote inflammation; alter thyroid metabolism; and impair appetite regulation. All of these can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. You can check out his article here for links to the research that support this. There is sufficient evidence that this is taking place in our bodies on a literally growing scale.

I agree with Chris that while there are many toxins in our environment that we can do little about, there are others that we definitely have full control over.  It makes sense to take care of what we can because the fewer chemicals in our bodies and the more support we give them through whole foods and physical activity the better able we are to lose weight and manage the toxins that we can’t control.

A Magic Pill?

Is removing chemicals from your home and body routines the magic pill to solving the obesity crisis? No.  Magic pills don’t exist. However, toxins that we apply to ourselves is a major obstacle hiding in plain sight. These compounds have no place in our amazingly complex and wonderful bodies.

For many, replacing these environmental toxins with nourishing solutions is the missing piece.  Every single one of us will be better off without toxins in our bodies that disrupt the life we’re meant to live; even those who have been sick for a long time and thus have years of damage to undo. This lifestyle adjustment places us more firmly on the path to healing and a healthy weight.

You may also want to ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of using an Infrared Sauna to further remove toxins stored in fat.

When individuals and families begin to heal, communities and nations begin to heal.  And that, my friends, is where we hold the power to undo this crisis of obesity and surging healthcare costs. Let the change begin with you.

If you need more understanding before you take this on, do what it takes to get yourself there. I encourage you to read for yourself the articles that I’ve cited. Set aside less worthy goals in order to get into your new whole-health stride. You are worth it and this world needs what you’ve got.

I’m here to help you switch your toxic products to naturally safe ones. Simply. Safely. Affordably. Schedule your consultation today.



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