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More Power

Power. Do you wish you had more of it? Do you know you have it but still find yourself wishing for a better world?

If one removes the “P” from “Power” you get “ower” which sounds like “our”.  Our Power. Individually we have power, personal power to make our own choices every day and we know these choices direct our lives – what to eat or not eat, who to hang out with, what to read…the choices we make in the course of life are endless. But the power we have together, Our Power, is exponential.

Do you ever get annoyed by YouTube commercials?  I tend to get frustrated with the not-so-kid friendly ones that pop up while my kids are watching Peppa Pig. However, I was ready to play the most recent one on repeat.

The video was advertising a way of thinking about our world and the choices that we make. This ad for the Little x Little campaign has a powerful message because it speaks to the fact that my choices, added to the choices of everyone in the 2 billion person Generation Z. (The largest generation of all time!) has the power to change the world, right now.

Check out the Little x Little campaign and YouTube ad.

This is the first post in a series of posts entitled Be the Change. While it’s no secret that I am by no means young enough to be a Gen Z-er, I am able to appreciate the massive wave of change this generation will create. I believe good things are coming for you and for me. And that means that all the Yuck we see in the world today does not have the final word.

Little Choices, Big Change

Our Power begins with me believing I have power to choose. To choose love. To choose goodness. For myself and for others. Adding my choices to yours creates a snowball effect that undeniably changes the world we share. Think of it like a powerful avalanche of goodness and life.

As humans we tend to like complex solutions – ones that require our brain to figure out. It keeps us busy and we enjoy the challenge. But what if we already have enough knowledge to solve the problems that plague us? What if a simple solution based on knowledge we already have could adequately address a pressing challenge we face?  Do we need more studies to tell us how to prevent cancer or reduce chronic illness? Do we need more legislation to clean up our air? Do we need more science to help us conceive and raise healthier kids?

It can be easy to put off for tomorrow what can be done today in the name of getting more information. And while it is important to be well informed, we already have enough evidence that chemicals in our home, bodies and environment pose a significant risk to wellness in both people and the planet.

The most effective solution is not necessarily the most complex.  And this is why I invite you to come with me on this Be the Change tour. 

Because the basic choices you and I make every day in our home cleaning and personal care routines give us a powerful start to Being the Change we are hoping for in our world.

(And the personal benefits discovered along the way are well worth it!)

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