Many New Year’s resolutions begin with a desire for wellness.  And wellness comes from within.  For me, wellness is energy, life and vitality – the freedom to be more of who I am created to be.  Nothing drains that vitality faster than toxins that interfere with hormones, brain and immune function.  Unfortunately, we don’t have to look far at all to find toxins.  They are in products that we use every day in our homes and on our bodies.  The worst kind of toxin is the kind that you administer to yourself, thinking that you are actually helping yourself when in fact you may very well be causing yourself harm. 

Look at any personal care product you use.  Is “Fragrance” or “Parfum” listed as an ingredient? How about “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate”?  These are just two of many ingredients listed on personal care products that are known to cause harm.  Do you know that the cosmetic industry is largely unregulated?

And with the average American woman using 12 personal care products each day, the frequency and dose of these chemicals is probably much more than you’d assume. You can imagine how 12 products quickly increases when cleaning and other types of home products are considered.

When you take a look at your cleaning products, you will also find “Fragrance” listed as an ingredient.  Fragrance is most often accompanied by phthalates, or plasticizers. These are designed to stick to you, making them difficult to wash off.  Fragrance and Phthalates are just the beginning.

It’s can be easier to understand how this dose of chemicals is weighing down your body when you realize that your skin is less of barrier than it is a sponge – soaking in whatever you put on it (think pharmaceuticals or nicotine administered via a skin patch).  And once these products have passed through the skin they go directly to your bloodstream making the dosage much more potent.

Most of us are in tune with the concepts of saving and spending.  If you don’t spend then you’ve saved. But what if there was a hidden drain, where money was leaking out unnoticed? Using chemically based products in your home and body is like allowing all your efforts at saving to go down the drain – draining away vitality, and wellness that we thought we had been building up for future years.

When deciding to turn to natural products for our home and body it’s important to be aware of marketing tactics which may make it difficult initially to find the truly safe products that you desire.  Products labeled “natural” or “organic” may still contain toxic chemicals as there is no standard set for this kind of labeling. It can be easy, especially in a moment of need, to be convinced that a product labeled “natural” or one that is packaged to look natural is safe. 

Fortunately, we don’t have to become materials experts to clean our homes and take care of our bodies safely.  Deciding to do what it takes to replace these products with safe alternatives will open up new possibilities for you.  I know it can feel complicated to change the products you depend on, that’s why my consulting service, LightenUp, simplifies the change for you.  In a 4


5 minute consultation I help clients find pure, natural solutions to fit their needs and lifestyle.  Then, I guide them to quickly and easily find what they want in places where they likely already shop.  No need to shop around or become a label reading expert.

You can be on your way to a deeper sense of wellness more simply that you ever imagined. This is a lifestyle change I believe you’ll feel very good about! And by removing the burden of all those hidden chemicals there’s more room for the lighter, brighter you to shine through.

Develop your personal plan for a Lighter, Brighter Wellness.



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