OK, this is somewhat of a confession. 10 years ago a solicitor on behalf of a Breast Cancer Awareness fund called my house. I declined to donate and when she kept going, I let her know what I really thought of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  I told her that money should be going to prevention and not to a cure.  Not really that cruel of a thing to say, but definitely not the popular answer then or now.  At the time I was pregnant and experiencing a lot of back pain, so I’m sure she heard all the emotion of that too.  I do hope it made a lasting impression on her.

I’m not sorry about what I told her I just hope that I sounded kinder than I remember feeling.  And I’d like to become a better communicator around this topic.

You see, I still believe that it’s prevention of breast cancer that brings women More life.

Yes overcoming a monumental disease also empowers us (I’ve been there in my own body in my own way), but what if we and our families didn’t have to endure the trauma in the first place?  We can take all kinds of preventative measures now not just to prevent breast cancer, but to prevent all kinds of chronic conditions. Prevention is the kinder cure by far.

Why do so many of us get swept into thinking the only way out of this crisis is to throw money at a cure when we can do so much to prevent it in the first place? Most likely, the answer is Marketing. And unfortunately marketing strategists have taken advantage of this emotionally charged disease, making it immensely unpopular to say anything contrary to campaign messaging.

But getting back to the heart of this post…by Prevention I mean, removing and reducing carcinogens in our lives, maximizing nutrition, promoting healthy detoxification and developing wise lifestyle routines around sleep, stress and exercise.

This is where I get to do my part in this effort. 

Helping people simply and affordably remove toxic products from their cleaning and personal care routines can go a long way in helping them reduce their exposure to environmental toxins – effectively reducing their risk of breast cancer and a long line of other dreaded chronic diseases. 

Does this cure? No.  Does it proactively help the body perform better so that it can fight off disease? Emphatically, yes!  Our bodies are made to give us life and to heal.

Removing the things that burden the body and have been proven to contribute to disease is a powerful part of Prevention.

If you or someone you know wants to make this kind of lifestyle change to help prevent or overcome breast cancer, I offer them my services at 30% off. Just email me at rebecca@lightenupsimply.com and put the code: PREVENTION in the subject line. For more info go to www.LightenUpSimply.com

Here’s another piece of info that finally inspired me to write about my thoughts on the “Cure”. 

AstraZeneca is reportedly behind the founding of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is October.

That could sound nice, like this pharmaceutical company wants to help people who have breast cancer, but what it says to me and lots of other people is that they are using those who suffer to generate more funding to develop drugs that are also carcinogens. That leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

All this breast cancer awareness, activism and fundraising puts more money in the pockets of those who are perpetuating the problem. And they are doing it at the expense of those who suffer.  Are there some great people who work at AstraZeneca? I’m sure there are.  Are there millions of amazing women who have taken on this Cause? Yes! You bet.  But there’s a lot of misguided activity and thinking around the entire thing that has been steered by a pharmaceutical company.

This article from GreenMedInfo.com tells us more.Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985: AstraZeneca’s BCAM

I didn’t even know this 10 years ago when that well-meaning woman called. I just knew that prevention offers more life than a cure – and it still does. As women, the amazing human beings that we are, we owe it ourselves to take care of what matters. Let’s learn together to guard our future and enjoy life by taking care of our bodies before they get sick.

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